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Hey there, I’m Phoebe Venkat aka Pheebkat. I’m currently and have always been an “intrapreneur” operating as Phoebe Venkat, LLC — no matter who’s listed on my paycheck’s “from” line. This indie mindset helps keep me hungry, honest, direct, fresh and flexible — I consider these traits tablestakes in my role as an online community management strategist and practitioner, and culture change agent for a multi-billion dollar brand. I also have a passion for learning about customer experience, branding, digital and social media, employee engagement and organizational culture change — the good, bad and everything in between. My loves are not limited to new media by any means. I’m a huge fan of music in all forms, stand-up comedy (Louis CK rocks!) beautiful handwritten notes, paper stock, typefaces and print books. It’s not all black or white to me. You can be and enjoy many things at once as long as you are 100% authentic to yourself and more importantly, to your family and network.

More ways to get up with me:

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