On the road

From time to time, I attend events to share my professional experiences and learn from peers around the world. Check out some of the events I’ve had the honor of speaking at and follow my Lanyrd profile to see where I’ll be attending or speaking next. Hope to meet you in person or see you again if we’ve already met!

  • 2014
    • CMX Summit (February)
  • 2013
    • Dreamforce (November)
      • “Chatter Rockstar Rollouts”
      • “Community Management: What Does Improv Have To Do With It?”
      • “Community Unconference”
    • Pivot, “Vox Pop: Employee Ambassadors and Marketing Power” (October)
    • Digital Marketing Innovation Summit, “Innovation in Digital Strategy” (September)
    • HR Tech Summit, “Overcoming the Fear Factor in the Rise of Social Technologies” (June)
  • 2012
  • 2011
    • Women Take Change: Building Leadership, “Social Media: from Internal to International Integration” (November)
    • Pivot Conference, “Business Transformation” (October)

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